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The Doctors

Dr. Ronald K. Gilbert, D.C., C.C.S.P.

Chiropractic Physician

Ronald K. Gilbert Chiropractor


  • Owner: Gilbert Chiropractic Clinic, Bradenton, Florida, 2008-Present
  • Owner: Gilbert Chiropractic Clinic, Clearwater, Florida, 1996-2008
  • Owner: Gilbert Chiropractic Clinic, Richmond, Virginia, 1986-1996
  • Board Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician January 1988 - Present
  • State College of Florida Adjunct Professor of Human Anatomy, August 2013 - Present
  • Chiropractor of choice for a multitude of International Celebrities and Professional Athletes 1988 - Present
  • Chiropractor of choice for Elite High School Sports, including the Manatee High School 2012 - Present
  • Chambers Medical Group, Bradenton, Florida, December 2005-March 2008
  • Complete Care Medical Center, Tampa, Florida, May 2007-March 2008
  • Chiropractor for the Richmond Ballet, 1990-1996
  • Advisory Positions: Virginia State Supreme Court; Four Major Insurance Companies
  • Invited by Internationally Renowned Orthopedic and Neurosurgeons to Observe Numerous Brain, Cervical and Lumbar Spine Surgeries
  • Chiropractor for Numerous International Celebrities including Professional Athletes
  • Chiropractor of Choice for Elite High School Sports, Including The Manatee High School
  • Team Chiropractor for the Tampa Bay Force Professional Women's Football Team
  • On-Site Ergonomic Work Station Evaluation: Circuit City, Ethyl Corporation, and Others
  • Designed and Supervised thousands of Nutritional, Rehabilitative and Exercise Programs
  • Administered and Monitored Over 500 Body Detoxification Programs
  • 33 Years Clinical Experience-Treated Over 70,000 Patients
  • Independent Medical Examiner for Numerous Insurance Companies 2008-Present


  • Board-Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, January 15, 1988
  • Manipulation Under Aneshesia Certified Physician, 2008
  • Licensed California Board of Chiropractic Examiners--May 7, 2014
  • St. Luke School of Medicine--Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (N.M.D.) December 5, 2002
  • St Luke School of Medicine--Doctor of Homeopatic Medicine, December 5, 2002
  • Indian Board of Alternative Medicines--Doctor of Medicine (Medicina Alternativa) December 5, 2002
  • Open International University for Complementary Medicines--Doctor of Medicine (Medicina Alternativa) December 5, 2002
  • Naturopathic Physicians Licensing and Examination Board--Diplomate in the Practice of Naturopathic Medicine (N.D.) December 5, 2002
  • *Licensed Naturopathic Medical Doctor State of Idaho (N.M.D.)--Not Licensed for Naturopathic Medicine in Florida. (Since 1959, State of Florida has not licensed any Naturopathic Physicians)*
  • St. Luke School of Medicine--Clinical Proficient in Naturopathic Medicine (N.D.) December 5, 2002
  • The Naturopathic Commission on Certification of Naturopathic Physicians--Diplomate in the Practice of Naturopathic Medicine (N.D.)
  • Diplomate in the Practice of Naturopathic Medicine (N.D.): December 5, 2002
  • Southern Graduate Institute of Natural Medical Science and St. Luke School of Medicine--Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (N.M.D.) December 5, 2002
  • National University of Health Sciences - Internal Medicine Post Graduate - 100 hours: 2002
  • Logan College of Chiropractic: 300 hours of Orthopedics, 1989-1992.
  • Parker College of Chiropractic-Sports Medicine (C.C.S.P.) 1988
  • National Board of Chiropractic Examiners--Diplomate, 1985
  • Northwestern College of Chiropractic--Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) April 2, 1986
  • Virginia Commonwealth University Bachelor's in Human Structure; Athletic Ability/Sports Medicine, 1984
  • Licensed Virginia Board of Medicine, July 23, 1986
  • Member of American Academy of Anti-Aging, December 2013
  • Member of American Professional Wound Care Association, Febuary 2015


  • LifePath Productions: Episode Chiropractic or Back Surgery: The Choice, July 2011
  • LifePath Productions: Episode Side Effects: January, 2011
  • Health & Wellness Seminars: GMO's & Environmental Toxins
  • Manatee Convention Center Guest Lecturer
  • Richmond Trial Lawyers Association: Chiropractors as Expert Witnesses
  • Virginia Stenographers Association, State Convention: Chiropractic--Modern Concepts
  • Virginia State Board of Medicine: Chiropractic and X-Ray Training
  • Central Virginia Association of Rehabilitative Nurses: Chiropractic Diagnostics
  • Richmond Academy of Massage: Understanding Human Biomechanics (Commencement Speaker)
  • Central Virginia Insurance Claims Adjusters Association: Chiropractic Medicine
  • International Association of Special Investigators: Insurance Fraud
  • Northwestern College of Chiropractic: The Biomechanics of Tennis Injuries
  • Central Virginia Chiropractic Society: Chiropractic and Hospital Privilege Protocol
  • Female Adjusters of Richmond: Chiropractic and the Insurance Industry
  • Colonial Insurance Company: Clinical Presentation--Case Management
  • Virginia Mutual Insurance Company: Chiropractic Case Management--Peer Review


  • American Chiropractor: A 21st Century Breakthrough in Ginseng Science: Enzyme Formulation: October 23, 2012
  • Side Effects: THe Hidden Agenda of the Pharmaceutical Drug Cartel: 2008
  • The Communication Line: Tobacco Facts: Parts l, ll
  • The Communication Line: Caffeine Facts: Parts l, ll
  • New Times Naturally!: Perchance to Dream
  • Radiographic (X-Ray) Positioning Manual 1985
  • Osgood Schlatter's Disease: Residual Ossicles, Case Presentation 1987: Essentials of Skeletal Radiology, Yochum/Rowe
  • Improving Performance Through Nutrition--The Latest Racquet
  • Seven Steps to Preventing Tennis Injuries--The Latest Racquet
  • How are you Training Your Body? -- The Latest Racquet
  • Tennis Elbow: The Holistic Approach--Northwest Professional Tennis Association, 1986


  • U.S. Patent Methods & System of Treating Wounds, 2018
  • American Professional Wound Care Association, Associate - May 1, 2014
  • Member American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, December 2013
  • 2005 President, America's Foundation for Chess: Tampa Bay Chapter
  • 2000 President's Award, Pinellas County Chiropractic Society (PCCS)
  • Clean Business Award, Henrico County
  • Medical Advisory Committee, YMCA
  • Certified for Rating: AMA Guides to Permanent Impairment, 5th Edition
  • Past Advisor to Virginia State Supreme Court for Chiropractic Malpractice
  • President's Award, Virginia Chiropractic Association, 1990-1991
  • Distinguished Service Award: Central Virginia Chiropractic Society, 1989-1991
  • Clinical Practice (Northwestern College of Chiropractic) 1986
  • Accupuncture (Northwestern College of Chiropractic) 1986
  • USPTA-Rated Tennis Professional: 1983


  • Member: Florida Chiropractic Physician Association
  • Member: American Chiropractic Association
  • Member: American Professional Wound Care Association
  • Member: Florida Association of Naturopatic Medicine, December 2002
  • Member: American Alternative Medical Association, December 23, 2002
  • Member: Board of Directors: Pinellas County Chiropractic Society
  • Editor: "The Audible Release"--Pinellas County Chiropractic Society
  • Chairman, Education Committee: Pinellas County Chiropractic Society
  • President; Treasurer; Chairman, P.R.--Membership: Central Virginia Chiropractic Society
  • President Elect--Regional Director: Chm Public Relations: Virginia Chiropractic Association

Dr. Peter Birch, D.C.

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Peter Birch Dr. Peter Birch D.C. Raised in Bradenton Florida, Dr. Birch received his undergraduate degree in Psychology from USF. After that he went on to work as a rehab counselor in Largo for several years helping people fight addictions. He then pursued a career as a chiropractic physician as a means of treating people without medication.

He graduated Cum Laude from Life University in Marietta and has since moved back to Bradenton to care for the community that gave him so much growing up. He is well versed in several techniques allowing comprehensive individualized treatment options that help every patient increase their quality of life.